Spring Summer 2020


Fluidity, movement, lightness are just a few words that can describe the winds of change we will be feeling around here very soon.

Soft and vibrant colours, a blend of organic and graphic prints and elegant silhouettes with a drive to create an inspiring home and fashion collection. 


The result?  Timeless designs translated in sophisticated garments and charming home accessories. A fashion collection, that suit any shape, that everyone can wear. Elegant clothes for ordinary people always keeeping in mind the lifestyle concept and philosophy of melding tradition and innovation.




Bringing colours to life...


We start with the basics. Base colours should be subtle. Then we add layers, primary colours, which evolves into a wider variety of more vibrant hues.


In the beginning there’s not a conscious decision about what colours to use in the collection. The inspiration keeps on coming from music, nature, people or anything that may seem insignificant to most people. There's no right way to explain how everything comes together. The process is organic.






One thing is sure: flower prints are always present to keep the link with the love for biology of the designer Teresa. The prints come to life through a mix of neutral, soft and more vibrant colours.


The graphical inspiration rise as a break through...To remind us that life can be simple and yet complete. 






The inspiration was returning to the basics and fundamentals of life through a primitive gesture of warmth and the focus on communicating our inner energies.


All pieces feel light and airy, with a boho chic twist, aiming to a rebel women, with a positive and fearless attitude towards life, and genuine sense of style.



The joy is found in the movement of the clothes and clothes should always make people feel confident and proud.


We always try to incorporate traditional techniques into our designs and combine this with an attitude of always moving forward and not turning back.