Our concept goes deeper than clothing, image and presentation as it reveals our standards for life and respect towards the planet, others and ourselves.

The love for essential and fluid silhouettes, organic yarns, fine tailoring and embellishments turns each TM item into an exquisite TiMeless piece imbued with a warm artisanal touch.

Our showroom in Cascais is a special place, opened to the public and prepared to welcome all our retailers for events and collection presentation.

Cascais is a delightful Portuguese fishing town, and is the Lisbon’s coastline most popular holiday destination. The town is situated on a beautiful coastline, and during the summer it is a bustling resort, with a buzzing holiday atmosphere. Easy to combine business with pleasure if you wish to visit us.



If you feel a rush of serenity when you enter our
spaces, don’t worry. We’ve had many customers
reporting similar feelings.

You see, our team wishes to combine colour,
lighting, technology, information, touch, smell,
sound and everything in our stores in order to reflect
our personality and values.

But it seems this effort also has an additional
effect. It causes curiously pleasant feelings in
many of our customers.

Now we must admit we haven’t figured out how
they do it, but as long as they keep enhancing
your experience, we won’t ask them any questions.

We always have the 5 senses in mind...




We use color as a psychological trigger, together with the right amount of light, symmetry, balance and contrast, so that you are focused in what matters the most: the details.



Smell is considered to be the fastesr track to your brain, controling both emotion and memory. A signature fragrance instore will make you remember us more often.



The music you hear in our stores has a profound yet subtle effect on how your spirits. We want you to feel confortable and relaxed.



A fresh lemonade on a hot summer day, or a hot cup of herbs tea in a winter afternoon are wonderful welcome treats, don't you agree?



Please do touch, feel, try out... Touch is a very important sense when it comes to fabrics and clothing. The smothness and the feel of delicate fibers touching your skin are the best experience you will have in our stores where texture is a key element.


and don't forget the inside..


A garment’s lining is as important as what you see on the outside.


We challenge you to turn one of our items - or all of them - inside out and tell us what do you think?


Exactly! You can probably wear ijust like that.... due to the immensity of details and finished they have.

it's a tip...








Keep tracing