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Offering itself to the bright blue edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the coast of Estoril is to Portugal what Cannes is to France; a chic Riviera that is drenched in the sun. Featured as one of the most elegant seaside addresses of the "Jardin de l'Europe," the picturesque town is some 20 kilometers from Lisbon, at the outfall of style and sophistication. This is where fashion designer Teresa Martins decided to open her atelier, a veritable temple of art, some 7 years ago. In this former pastry factory warehouse - where one may still smell the aroma of pastéis de nata (a type of Portuguese custard). Teresa imagines, draws and creates her collections while she welcomes us in for an afternoon high with creativity.

Showroom and/or atelier and/or temple of dreams. Spread over 500 immense square meters beneath a 4-metre high industrial cylindrical ceiling, the old factory, today the den of Teresa Martins, is full of decorative items that incite bohemian-romantic reveries. From old mannequins with obsolete hats to

accompany replicas of Santos de Rock statues of saints to be dressed and placed in church. fashion as a profession of a esthetic fait than old Thai pastry wheel shows off its pearl and rose petals. Eclectic par excellence, Teresa imposes no order or law. Instead, she is prone to let items breathe and take us, along with her, into a dimension of ready-to-dream.

How would you define your style? “Comfortable, romantic, joyful, feminine and sensual”  she says. Words fuse, impatiently, while adjectives attempt to describe the style of the brand available in over 37 countries worldwide that always demonstrates its ability to renew itself of the shackles of catwalks. Teresa Martins has invented her own capital where freedom of the body overtakes the canons of beauty imposed by Milan, Paris and New York. Free, Teresa follows her instincts, desires and wishes. Unbridled emotions to the

delight of the imagination, with a unique style that is timeless and vital to the desires of a woman!

Nothing to Prove, Everything to Improve