Traces of Me lifestyle?

Yes, please!!!

It's not new that today's costumer´s don’t want to be “sold to”, instead, they want to engage in experiences with brands that they can resonate with on an emotional level, that can help them to connect more with their ideal version of themselves. 

When you enter the Traces of me world for sure you'll experience something different.







As a textile design brand, all our fabric designs and colors are exclusive. This means that, besides their strong identity and personality, all our products possess belnd with eachother in a smooth and magical way.

The outstanding work besides each print and each embroidery is highlighted whenever the textiles give life to a home and Fashion collection.



Either you are looking for harmony and relaxation or luxury and uniqueness, the idea is to mix and match all patterns and colors to achieve the explendor of decorationg you house as well as you like to dress yourself.


Between the organic forms of the bamboo lamps and the silk or velvet cushions there's a world of possibilities starting on a neutral, very natural based retreat to an increadibly charming interior design.



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