Last March, at Portugal fashion week, we have shown for the first time our newest FW collection for 2019: Merging.

Merging is a celebration of history and tradition; a merge of two cultures that have been linked for centuries. The intense colors and the exquisite patterns highlight the simplicity of the silhouettes.


The show, as we all like it to be, was innovative and evolving. With Paula Rousseau choreographing a group of fantastic dancers, the opening was powerful at the sound of an Indian Rap.

The models representing the Indian culture wore colorful garments. The robust coats made of velvet and the exotic accessories definitely standout.




For the second part of the show Portugal was the inspiration. The dancer’s homage to the “canto alentejano” caught everyone’s attention.


Pedro Abrunhosa song “momento” set the kick off for the Portuguese inspired part of the collection. Softer tons of green and yellow with flowy silks and loose silhouettes pictured perfect the Alentejo fields.


Every collection requires a lot of research, creativity and hard work, and this one was no different.

After weeks of planning, testing, travelling and execution, always on a frenetic race against time, it’s an immense pleasure as a team to show this work and to receive the positive feedback of costumers and retailers.


The wish to celebrate both cultures that are so present in Teresa’s, the creative director, life was accomplished.