Fashion and culture go hand in hand. Clothes are a way to express our personality, where we come from, who we are, what we do... Culture influences our lifestyle in major ways, especially by way of modernization, art and technological innovation.


Merging  - Become one is a celebration of history and tradition; a merge of two cultures that have been linked for centuries. The intense colors and the exquisite patterns highlight the simplicity of the silhouettes. The collection is a result of the fusion between two extraordinary rich cultures. 







The colour palette chosen for this FW19 collection is based on shades of blue, charcoal and green with highlights of antique moss, yellow curry, beet red and ocean depth blue.


A mix of tones that can be found in typical aspects of each country cultural aspects such as clothing, food or landscapes.


The fabrics chosen are mainly yak woll, velvet, cotton and silk that allow the production of the confortable and warmth clothing.






All colors and prints are develop exclusively by our design team and we use both traditional and innovative techinques of printing and embroidery to embelished every item of the collection.



The mix and match of all colors and prints is the secret to have a magical collection like this new Fall Winter 2019