Natural Fabrics

We love to do ordinary things extraordinary well.

We often forget skin is our body’s largest organ. For this reason, extreme care should be taken with everything that embraces it. Natural fiber clothing has a natural vibration similar to the one of our skin, leading to a balanced harmony we unconsciously translate as “it feels good”!

Natural fabrics are a heritage of real luxury, they provide excellent strength, warmth, touch and absorbency, never compromising the feeling of comfort, freedom and relaxation. They leave a palpable sense that someone cares.

Fabrics express and organize in various ways and shapes when “wearing” the house or “wearing” the body.

Natural fabrics are textiles made from natural fibers. Our prime selection is: cotton, Silk, linen, wool, yak & cashmere.

The perfect combination between high quality materials and exclusive prints or embroideries is emphasized by a fully attention to detail.

Every piece its a deep experience both for the designers team and for the clients.

Traces of Me clients share a passion for exclusive fabrics, perfect finishing and exquisite pieces where delicate embroideries, exclusive prints and unique colors combinations are the strongest threads of identity in each collection.

Each and every piece are entirely produced and developed by Traces of Me, from the manufacture of the fabric to the final product, grant it an excellence and exclusivity.

Every noble material like silk, cotton, linen, wool, etc. are enriched through the pressed design, textures and delicate embroideries.

Having as base the earth and his commonwealth, Traces of Me is an extension of the emotions expressed by the color, material, patterns, etc. An infinity of details responsible for the originality and identity of each piece of work.

Every process, since the creation of the fabrics until the final product, has Traces of Me's stamp.