Be Timeless

There are two distinctive tendencies in the design world these days:

The less ethical "fast fashion," where money, instead of passion, drives creativity suppressing our consciousness and leading to consumerism, the exploitation of workers, and the shattering of our planet.

And then, there is a slower pace movement, like a conscious philosophy, where people have a greater appreciation for quality, admire the traditional ways of production and treasure the environment while dignifying the work of who's behind the final product.

We felt the need to slow down and cherish the little things. Let us show you how
by unveiling the story and the meaning behind each product. 

It's a fascinating path through creative fabrics made of natural fibers, designed by a Portuguese team and materialized by our friends in India, Portugal, and

Dare to feel the perfect imperfections of the handcrafted textiles and absorb the
colorful patterns enhanced with delicate embroideries.

This is our philosophy, our identity, our traces.

Traditional Techniques

Timeless...takes time

We aim for transparency in the production process and the creation of timeless collections.

Our journey takes us to small communities in Portugal, India and Nepal, where we merge into fascinating cultures and people,

Masters of ancient textile techniques. The respect for fair trade standards should guide

The work of all designers. So, we make sure that a positive
impact towards a more sustainable fashion industry is woven

in every step of our process.

Timeless...creates magic

Multicultural influences stimulate our creativity and feed our desire to be different and exclusive.

By bringing together the most traditional and technologically advanced ways of printing and dying textiles, we guarantee the high quality of our fabrics while creating magic...

Timeless...where art meets intellect

Traces of me is a melting pot of identities, an inner world of ideas that can reach, in an eclectic way,
the most various and pivotal creative sectors of society such as fashion, interior design, art and

Timeless is...Teresa Martins

The creative Director. A melting pot of art and science, reason and emotion, knowledge and intuition that passionately guides our design team. The mix and matching of colours and patterns is one of her gifts and supports her vision of creating versatile silhouettes and pure shapes that invite the body to breathe and move freely.

Pieces that embrace the feminine figure and transcend social constraints of size. An odd to the " Freedom of Being".