Traditional Techniques

Clothes aren't going to change the world, the woman who wear them will.

We believe in nurturing craftsmanship, in keeping alive ancient production techniques still present worldwide. We search for shapes, textiles and designs that ensure elegance and differentiation, comfort and freedom, the "Traces of Me´s" way of being.

All prints, either digital or traditional hand screen printing, are developed by our design team under Teresa Martins creative direction.

Each collection theme generates exclusive prints and embroideries that will embellish both fashion and home collections.

The perfect combination between high quality materials and exclusive prints or embroideries is emphasized by a fully attention to detail.

Art is a complement of our work. Creations can embellished our fabric design and become an inspiration for a collection.

Our logo, the leaf vein, it’s a tribute to nature's beauty and simplicity, a recall to basic values and our obligation to protect them.