The Story of
a Special Project

Lady Gaga’s creativity and Gustav Klimt’s admiration for the feminine body inspire the Portuguese designer to create a unique work of art.

Lisbon, 18th of November 2014 – Lady Gaga wears an exclusive outfit created by teresamartins, a textile design Portuguese brand under creative direction since 2003 of Teresa Martins.
The artist shared the outfit with her 67 million followers on Facebook, 42.3 million on Twitter and 4.8 million on Instagram.
The brand aligned its values with those of the artist - right for self-expression, ambition, excellency, and boldness.
The outfit, which was delivered in Lisbon during Lady Gaga’s visit to the Portuguese capital, is composed of a dress, cape, boots and accessories, made of Portuguese cork, coated with gold and silver leaf, and hand-embroidered with metallic threads.

During a team meeting in 2012, we've decided to embrace the huge challenge of creating a look for Lady Gaga and commemorating Gustav Klimt’s 150th birth anniversary.

Lady Gaga’s irreverent personality and Gustav Klimt’s admiration for the feminine body inspired our head designer Teresa Martins to launch a special project that would last more than two years.

The performer had personal attributes which inspired the creation and with which Teresa related deeply, such as an innovation drive, determination, ambition, and a belief that each one has the right to freely express oneself.

The project “Threads of Identity” for Lady Gaga culminated in: An exclusive outfit, a ballet performance, a fashion show and a movie.

The Outfit

Inspirations and thoughts.

"Portugal is one of the biggest producers of cork. Cork is a Portuguese product, so why don't use it to make the unique pieces for Lady Gaga with a national product?"

Teresa Martins

" It's not only a dress, it's a complete outfit"

Teresa Martins

The outcome

The outfit is composed by a dress, a cape, the boots and some accessories, all made with Portuguese cork, coated with gold and silver leaf, hand-embroidered with metallic threads, and designed and created by skilled Portuguese and Indian artisans.

Ballet Performance & Fashion Show

"There was one music of all the musics I heard called Hair, that touched me deeply. There is for me a huge responsability in doing a catwalk, so lets linked the Fall Winter collection with the music Hair and show this in the Catwalk. And I needed more... it should be a performance linked with the music, an expression of the body different from what I could get with models. I just turned to my good friends and dancers from the gulbeinken ballet, Benvindo Fonseca as a coreograph and Paula Rouseau and people were not expecting this...."

Teresa Martins